CEA – Artist Management

Managing Director Eric Cerda has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, including owning a record label, managing recording artists, public relations, and promoting concerts. In addition, he is a musician himself, which allows him to bring a unique perspective to matters from both an artist and business standpoint.

DCA Entertainment – Artist Management

At DCA Entertainment I advised artists in all business negotiations and matters involving their entertainment careers. This included soliciting artists to record labels, coordinating publicity and promotional campaigns for their musical recordings, as well as developing & implementing marketing strategies.

In addition, I solicited artists to booking agents and concert promoters to obtain performing engagements, drafted and negotiated concert agreements, and coordinated travel arrangements for touring bands.

DCA Recordings  – Owner

I founded DCA Recordings in 1993, and performed all aspects of running an independent record label including the procurement and handling of talent, coordinating the manufacturing and distribution of product, and soliciting releases to retail and wholesale outlets. In addition, I drafted all artist contracts and negotiated all deals with artists, labels, and distributors. I also handled the radio and print media promotion of releases at both the commercial and underground level, as well as coordinated and implemented marketing campaigns.

Albums released on DCA Recordings

  • BALANCE OF POWER – Heathen Machine
  • WINTERS BANE – Redivivus
  • WINTERS BANE – Girth
  • MAGNITUDE 9 – Chaos To Control
  • LETHAL – Poison Seed
  • PSYCO DRAMA – The Illusion
  • EXPERIMENT FEAR – Assuming the God Form
  • DEMILICH – Nespithe

A&R Consultant – Mascot Records & Massacre Records

As an independent A&R consultant, I found new and established musical groups via recorded and live performances for signing recording agreements with the labels Massacre Records and Mascot Records. In addition, I assisted in the negotiating of contracts with potential acts.

Some of my artists that were signed included: