Simulacrum is one of the top Progressive Metal bands from Finland. The band released its debut album The Master and the Simulacrum in 2012, and their second album, Sky Divided, in 2015. The band signed to the legendary Frontiers Records in December 2019 and have released their third album, Genesis, in February 2021. The first music video was made for the single “Nothing Remains”. It has a Robocop influenced Sci-Fi story and has very high production values. A second single & video, “Arrhythmic Distortions”, was released on the 12th of January 2021.

The new album has 9 tracks with a total runtime of 61 minutes (Japanese version has 10 tracks at 66 minutes). The songs are a blend of classic and modern sounds, taking influences from such legendary bands as Dream Theater, Symphony X & Shadow Gallery, and melding them with the modern sound production and syncopated rhythms of Periphery & Haken.

Simulacrum consists of top notch musicians from the Turku area. Because all of the players reside in the same region, they rehearse together often and this has led to a very tight live presence. The band has played all the larger clubs here in Finland (including shows with Seventh Wonder), but is now looking to expand abroad. 

The band has also accumulated a good social media presence, with a total reach of approximately 50k fans in different official social media channels and the musicians’ personal channels — and it is growing daily.


Niklas Broman – Vocals

Erik Kraemer – Vocals

Chrism – Keyboards

Solomon – Guitars

Petri Mäkilä – Guitars

Olli Hakala – Bass

Tatu Turunen – Drums

Genesis (2021)
Sky Divided (2015)
The Master and the Simulacrum (2012)

Eternity’s End

Eternity’s End was founded in 2014 by guitarist and songwriter Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Paradox, Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist) who wanted to realize his life long dream of forming a neoclassical power metal band with powerful classic metal vocals. Although it is a completely new band, each member has a long history in the metal scene, all having worked with successful, well respected bands and having appeared on a variety of well acknowledged albums world-wide. Besides Muenzner the original line up included legendary vocalist Ian Parry (ex-Elegy), keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (Infinite Visions, NorthTale), drummer Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) and bassist Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Alkaloid). The band recorded their debut album The Fire Within in 2015, which was mixed, mastered and co-produced by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and was released in Spring 2016 via Power Prog Records.

The album was financed through a successful crowdfunding campaign in which the band reached 133% of the originally intended financial goal. Although very well-received by fans and critics alike worldwide, The Fire Within did not get the support it needed due to the band’s former label vanishing. Rather than breaking up, it was decided that the band would continue creating music, this time with a second guitarist in the fold. Band founder Christian then offered Québécois Guitarist/Songwriter Phil Tougas (First Fragment, Chthe’ilist) the opportunity to join the band in 2017, to help write new material for the band’s second album Unyielding. The result is a shift towards a twin-guitar oriented power metal album with a more aggressive approach. The line-up was completed a year later with elite power metal veterans, vocalist Iuri Sanson (ex-Hibria) & bassist Mike Lepond (Symphony X), while featuring original members Jimmy Pitts (keyboards) and Hannes Grossman (drums).

The band’s 2nd album, Unyielding, incorporates the same neoclassical elements and complex keyboard work already present on The Fire Within, all while taking cues from the mid to late 90’s German/European Power Metal classics and the 80s US Power Metal scene. The intent is to create riff-oriented and straight-forward, technical yet catchy power metal hymns with a high emphasis on harmonized leads and guitar solo duels that bring to mind the golden age of Shrapnel Records guitar heroes. The highlights are numerous on this album, and include “Into The Timeless Realms”, “Unyielding”, “Blood Brothers”, and “Beyond The Gates Of Salvation”.

Eternity’s End – Unyielding (2019)
Eternity’s End – The Fire Within (2016)

Christian Muenzner

Christian Muenzner is a gifted German guitarist who plays with the shredding power metal band Eternity’s End and the extreme progressive metal supergroup Alkaloid, as well as serving as touring guitarist for heavy metal favorites Serious Black. He first gained notoriety playing with the technical death metal band Necrophagist from 2002 until 2006, appearing on their groundbreaking 2004 release, Epitaph, with Christian’s neoclassical-styled solos on that album turning heads around the globe.

In addition to Necrophagist, among the other notable bands Muenzner has played with include Defeated Sanity (1999 to 2002), Paradox (2012-2014) and Obscura (2008 to 2014), after which he left to co-found Alkaloid and Eternity’s End.

In revealing why he decided to form Eternity’s End, Muenzner said: “In all my previous bands, I was mainly a side man. I wanted to have a band that is completely my own band and completely revolves around my ideas and concept. Although I am mainly known for playing in death metal bands, I have always favored the more classic, traditional forms of metal from the 80’s and 90’s, classic heavy/power/speed/epic/progressive metal, with a powerful clean vocalist and a more melodic approach to the song writing and guitar playing.”

Eternity’s End recently released their second album, Unyielding, with the band’s intent being to create riff-oriented, driving, technical yet catchy power metal hymns with memorable choruses. The highlights are numerous on this album, and include “Into The Timeless Realms”, “Unyielding”, “Blood Brothers”, and “Beyond The Gates Of Salvation”.

Christian has also released two critically acclaimed solo albums, Timewarp (2011) and Beyond The Walls Of Sleep (2014), with his third solo effort, Path Of The Hero, coming out in March 2020. In discussing his approach to solo albums, Christian stated in an interview with Guitar9:
“What I wanted to achieve was to record an album that would capture the essence of all my favorite classic ’80s and ’90s shred albums (Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Michael Lee Firkins, etc.) and to combine that with my more modern metal influences – I like to describe it as ‘Shrapnel Records shred meets modern metal’. Beyond the flashy guitar work they featured really strong and epic songs that people would still remember 25 years later.”

Eternity’s End – Unyielding (2019)
Alkaloid – Liquid Anatomy (2017)
Eternity’s End – The Fire Within (2016)
Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire (2015)
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (solo album) (2014)
Spawn of Possession – Incurso (2012)
Paradox – Tales of the Weird (2012)
Obscura – Omnivium (2011)
Timewarp (solo album) (2011)
Obscura – Cosmogenesis (2009)
Necrophagist – Epitaph (2004)
Defeated Sanity – Talk Evolution/The Parasite (2001)


LETHAL was formed by brothers Eric and Glen Cook in 1982. The lineup was solidified with the addition of vocalist Tom Malicoat in 1984, and the following year the band went into the studio to record “The Arrival” demo, which was released in 1987. Drummer Jerry Hartman joined the band shortly thereafter.

The band’s classic Programmed album was released in 1990 by Metal Blade Records, and the band was soon being favorably compared to their contemporaries Queensryche and Crimson Glory. The album featured such stellar tracks as “Fire in Your Skin”, “Programmed”, “What They’ve Done”, “Killing Machine”, and “Immune” — all of which are still played in their live set.

Guitarist David McElfresh joined the band in 1991, with his songwriting first appearing on the Your Favorite God EP (1995), a 6-song effort featuring the heaviest songs of the band’s career: “Waiting On The Kill”, “Hard To Breathe”, and “Swim Or Drown”.

In 1996 Lethal released their most progressive — and musically controversial — album, Poison Seed. Initially shunned by both fans and critics, years later it is now hailed as a masterpiece, with songs “Born”, “Meaning”, and “Poison Seed” but a few examples of the band’s musical depth and songwriting prowess on this release.

Lethal contributed “S.A.T.O.” to the Ozzy Osbourne tribute album, Legend of a Madman (1998). The next year they performed at the Powermad Festival in Baltimore MD.

In 2007 Lethal played their first show in eight years at the Chicago Powerfest, followed by performances at two festivals in Germany: the Keep It True festival and the Bang Your Head festival. Over the years Lethal has made more European festival appearances, including the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany (2008), the Keep It True Festival in Germany (2014), and the Up The Hammers Festival in Athens, Greece (2016).

Now to the present day, and Lethal return with a 5-song EP. These songs were written between 1987 – 2008, and feature the last recordings of founding guitarist Eric Cook (who tragically passed away from cancer in 2012). The vocals by Tom Mallicoat were all recorded this year, and he shines on the five tracks offered: “Poet’s Knife”, “Distortion”, “Invention”, “Secret Stare”, and “Tear Us Apart”.

Poison Seed (1996)
Your Favorite God  EP  (1995)
Programmed (1990)
The Arrival – Demo (1987)

Shatter Messiah

Shatter Messiah is one of the most unique progressive metal bands in the world. Featuring the talents of founding members Curran Murphy (guitars; ex-Nevermore, Ex-Annihilator) and Robert Falzano (drums; Ramallah, Blood For Blood, ex-Annihilator), Shatter Messiah combine thrash, progressive, death, and elements of doom metal to create another level of heavy metal that never disappoints.

The band have released four albums in their storied career: the soon to be classic debut album, Never To Play The Servant, brilliant follow up God Burns Like Flesh, the sonic fury unleashed with their third opus, Hail the New Cross, and the melodic brutality of their fourth slab of metal, Orphans Of Chaos.

Shatter Messiah throw down the gauntlet with an uncompromising ferocity and technical virtuosity that few bands can match, writing brutal yet progressive compositions that combine instantly memorable choruses with atypical song structures, resulting in a unique sound that SHATTER MESSIAH are proud to call their own. 

Massive sounding records, and incendiary live performances show fans and newcomers that Shatter Messiah is a powerful juggernaut of metal. Prepare to become a believer……

Orphans of Chaos (2016)
Hail the New Cross (2013)
God Burns like Flesh (2007)
Never to Play the Servant (2006)


Reveal is a band put together by Tino Hevia, one of the founders and composers of Darksun and Nörthwind. Tino recorded two albums with Nörthwind, and has eight albums with Darksun. For Reveal, Tino recruited acclaimed Swedish singer Rob Lundgren, a well-known Youtube presence with more than 150,000 followers on the social network (

Reveal’s albums also feature collaborations with musicians from leading metal acts, including:

  • Marcus Siepen of Blind Guardian (Lead guitar on the track “Blood and Sands”)
  • Marcos Rodriguez of Rage (Lead guitar on “300” and lead vocals on the bonus track version of “Blood and Sands”, First solo in “Path of Sorrows”)
  • Tom Nauman of Primal Fear (Lead guitar on “You Will Rise”)
  • Derek Sherinian from Sons of Apollo/Ex-Dream Theater (Keyboard solo in “It’s only a show”)
  • Chen Balbus of Orphaned Land & The Secret Saints (Guitar solo in “The Name of Ra”)

Overlord (2019)
Timeline (2017)

Evan K

EVAN is a Greek/German guitarist & composer influenced by Gus G, Jeff Loomis, Andy James, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Romeo, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, and Ritchie Blackmore. He has released his debut album, Blue Lightning, which features some famous guests from the Power-Progressive Metal Scene like Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra, Vision Divine), who sings lead vocals on the songs “Edge Of The Sky” & “One Last Time,” and keyboards by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, Outloud). All music and lyrics on Blue Lightning were written by Evan.

Evan also is a member of heavy metal greats MYSTIC PROPHECY; is a studio and touring musician for the symphonic metal band EXIT EDEN; and has his own band, the up & coming ENEMY INSIDE.

Mystic Prophecy – Metal Division (2020)
Mystic Prophecy – Monuments Uncovered (2018)
Enemy Inside – Phoenix (2018)
Exit Eden – Rhapsodies In Black (2017)
Evan K – Blue Lightning (2016)

Kill Procedure

Featuring guitarist/vocalist Lou St. Paul (Winters Bane, Fires Of Babylon), KILL PROCEDURE is a band for any heavy metal fan who loves killer guitar riffs, memorable solos, and great songwriting. On such songs as “Trioxynon”, “Spells Death”, “All The Pain” and the crushing title track, KILL PROCEDURE’s sound brings to mind classic Megadeth (Rust In Peace/Countdown To Extinction), Testament, and Cacophony.

Recorded in1995, KILL PROCEDURE’s Brink Of Destruction album is finally seeing the light of day. Originally slated to be the follow up album to Winters Bane’s Heart Of A Killer (1993), the album was shelved as their label at the time thought that the material was too much of a departure musically and vocally from Heart Of A Killer. 

The recording lineup for the Brink Of Destruction album was: Lou St. Paul (vocals/lead & rhythm guitars),Kenny Stadelman (bass), John Stevens (rhythm guitars), and Todd Bertollette (drums).

KILL PROCEDURE’s current lineup is Lou St. Paul (vocals/guitars), Kelly Conlon (bass; ex-Death/ex-Monstrosity), and Jeff Curenton (drums; Winters Bane, ex-Seven Witches).

Brink Of Destruction (2017)

Winters Bane

Since their formation in 1990, WINTERS BANE have consistently created truly memorable heavy metal songs. In their first incarnation with vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-JUDAS PRIEST), they released the classic Heart Of A Killer album in 1993. A concept piece based on the murderous exploits of one Judge Cohagen, Heart Of A Killer is a power metal tour de force, combining the amazing vocals of Owens, with the fret board pyrotechnics of Lou St. Paul. On such instant favorites as “The Silhouette” and “Reflections Within”, St. Paul showed that he was a talented songwriter, playing great riffs over intelligent, well thought out lyrical essays. In 2000, Century Media Records re-issued Heart Of A Killer as a 2-CD set, winning over many new fans who heard the classic WINTERS BANE sound for the first time.

After the departure of Owens, St. Paul took over the vocal duties, resulting in WINTERS BANE’s heaviest work to date, Girth. Released in 1997, Girth was an amalgamation of all the elements that make great heavy metal music: killer riffs, scorching solos, memorable vocals, poignant lyrics, and a tight, imaginative rhythm section. On such soon to be classics “C-4”, “Kill Procedure”, and “Alexandria”, WINTERS BANE proved that they were still a band to be reckoned with.

After many years of searching for a singer with the vocal prowess to equal the talents of the departed Owens, Alexander Koch (ex-SPIRAL TOWER, POWERGOD) was recruited as the new voice of WINTERS BANE, far surpassing the bands expectations of what a vocalist could accomplish. In 2006 WINTERS BANE unleashed their next album, Redivivus, a return to the power metal style of Heart Of A Killer. With the addition of powerhouse drummer Mark Cross (ex-METALIUM, HELLOWEEN), WINTERS BANE’s most potent line-up was now in place, and the band delivered a monster of an album. On such standout songs as “The World”, “Spark To Flame”, and “Dead Faith”, WINTERS BANE displayed their superior musicianship and song writing abilities. 

Just listen and you will discover one of heavy metal’s best kept secrets…

Redivivus (2006)
Girth (1997)
Heart Of A Killer (1993)